Katja Horner - Driver and Navigator

Katja was born in Hamburg, Germany, in 1975. She grew up as a typical "daddys girl" and became a "Tom Boy" always one for the fast and furious pace of life. Like her father, Katja has always longed for adventure and wilderness. And so it had to be that she met this mad English guy, now her husband, with the same passions. The perfect relationship was created, German efficiency coupled with English eccentricity. It was only a matter of time before a cunning plan would be hatched.......


David Horner - Driver and Navigator

David was born in London (well Hemel Hemstead if you must know), way back in the good old 1968 (a very good vintage). Having managed to escape the cold winters of England for the warmer climes of Australia for 7 years, David's mum decided, in 1975, to return the family to "good old blighty". Bored of 11 years of "chewing the cud" and "towing the corporate party line", David's mind was awakened in 1997, whilst working in Hamburg. Fate was at work that day when "Cupid's" arrow struck when he walked into Katja's office. Little did he know then where this "cute German ass" would lead him. Well, here we are in 2003, and after one year of planning, we are now ready to embark on our adventure of a lifetime...


DuK - Home for the next two years

Duk is the baby of the team, born in 1987 she is a Landie 110 hard top. She has been modified for the trip and now sports a 200tdi engine and other mechanical refinements. Downstairs she boasts a bedroom and storage area, kitchen, bathroom and shower room, side living room/ sun lounge, and of course the cockpit with large viewing hatch. Upstairs there is a further sun lounge terrace, and main roof tent bedroom. Sadly we ran out of space for the swimming pool and Jacuzzi, but we do anticipate doubling the cockpit as a sauna in the African sun!


Smoky & Husky - Boysiees and sorely missed. Whilst not coming on the expedition (getting them from London to Hamburg was painful enough) the boys will definitely be their in spirit and thoughts. At 2 years they are now tri-lingual in English, German and native Miow. Husky is the big guy and the more interested of the "Bro's" in the trip whilst Smoky "the charmer" is more interested in the birds.



Special Thanks to: Christian Rbcke, Heiner Rbcke, Ingrid Rbcke, Thorsten Tattenberg, Richard & Denise Horner and all of our contributors to this trip.




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