Date:1st - October


DuK Kilometres: 0


Weather: Average 12oC, intermittent days of cold sunny and miserable cold rain


And then the real work began!


We spent the last days of September and first few of October trying to get everything in place and finished. It feels as if there are still a million things left to do before our 2nd November departure. At least the paperwork is coming together and DuK is about ready, although we have decided to make a few minor modifications to the rear interior to make it a little more convenient for gaining access to the Kitchen area.

We will install a sliding board in the rear on which we can pull out boxes and the fridge, whilst providing a good working surface, the cooker is also being hinged on the back door for quick use and the rear bed board will hinge up to allow access to the rear compartment. Further, thanks to Jurgen in Denmark we will also fit lots of aircraft securing rails in the back on which ratchet straps can be lashed to provide secure fixing for everything in the back.


We changed the leaking fuel tank, put on the under body protectors, and have now just to change the swivel pin oils seals as they have decided to spring leaks as well as changing various oils. Aren't landies such a bundle of fun, can't wait to see what springs a leak on the way.


Our European route is now decided, we shall head to Innsbruck to see friends, then down through Italy via Verona (home of Romeo and Juliet) and the med coast of France via Montpellier to Girona in Spain to see other friends (bonus points!!! It's only an hours drive to Andorra - well you have to have a least one ski a year!!). We shall then head to Barcelona for sightseeing and then across to Madrid to see yet more friends. Finally thereafter heading south towards the coast (but yep you guessed, not before rendezvousing with other friends) to catch the ferry to Cueta and Africa.


We hope to leave European shores on or about 22 November. Once in Africa our route will be the classic Atlantic route, then heading inland via either Niger, Chad and Sudan (border permitting) or alternatively down the west coast of Africa via Cameroon, Gabon, DRC and Angola.


As far as paperwork is concerned we have:

i) International driving permits (RAC)

ii) International vehicle certificate (i.e. a translation of the V5 log book) (RAC)

iii) Vehicle V5 log book

iv) A Green card (UK Insurer)

v) Carnet De Passage (special thanks to Sue and Paul at Travel Research RAC, they provide an excellent service with exceptional friendliness and knowledge).







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