Whirling Dervishes
Rood, Yvonne, Steve and Kat
Meroe Royal City
Kat's first and probably last camel ride....
Bushcamp Meroe Royal City
Sand storm aftermath
Check out the dudes teeth
The DuK, The Batmobile and Benson
Desert after the dust and rain storm
OK, so where is the piste
Directions in the sand
Getting softer
Getting even softer
Desert camp on way to Merowe
And STUCK....
Benson checking on progress
Which way?
Sudanese Temple
Bushcamp after Dongola
Sweet Sudanese kids
On the piste to Wadi Halfa
Landie taxi in Wadi Halfa
Mazar's office
So where do we put the DuK
Barge Bucket shower
Captain Mahmood
Sunset on Lake Nasser cruise
Taking life very seriously
Because I'm worth it
Tea time upon arrival in Aswan
Captain Mahmood's Barge





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