Senegal & The Gambia


St. Louis bridge
St. Louis hatbour
Street life, St. Louis
Chilling at camp, Zebrabar
Local transport, St. Louis
Braai, Zebrabar
Lac Rose
Floating in Lac Rose
Sunset, Lac Rose
Party with locals, Lac Rose
Paris-Dakar rally, Lac Rose
Camp DuK, Lac Rose
Boy on bridge, road to Popenguine
My Birthday
Oh, dear, here we goooooooo
Sine Saloum delta
Penguins on the delta
Oytser fishermen drying the harvest
The most beautiful bird on the delta
Beachcombing the delta
Baobab refelections, delta
Kat's brithday surprise
Happy Birthday to you...
Tree pruning on way to Esperanto, Casamance, Senegal
Esperanto camp lounge
Walking the dog
Tiger entertaining local girl
Ship wreck on beach at Esperanto
Mark entertains the kids of Ziguinchor
Yooo Brooo's
Waiting in the shade of the Baobab tree, Djimbering
Beach camp
Lifes a cow
Don't know who the bald guy is, but the biker is cool.
Sunset with my love, Djimbering
On the road to East Senegal
Party night in village
Mark's farewell photo
Niokola Koba park
Why did the warthog cross the road?
Why did David cross the bridge?
Game drive in Niokola
Family game drive, Niokola
Not sure who the guy with the helmet is, but the pilots pretty cool
Flyby of reserve lodge
This one didn't make it
Bundi bashing in Niokola
In search of the illusive elephant
A bridge to far
Kedouga water fall, East Senegal
Kedouga water fall, East Senegal


Goat Rack,.......
River crossing to George Town
Don't just stand there.......
Fabakary with his catch
First ice cream in Sukuta, Gambia
Ohh, pretty boyss......
Crocodile tears
Top from Miss Selfridge £12.99, Trouser, Warehouse £15.99






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