Arriving in Mali
to warm greeting
Enroute to Manatali
The dam at Manatali
Piste to Bamako
Village wedding enroute to Bamako
An extra set of eyes is always good on the road in Africa
Village life
Family portrait
Cool hair dude
Our new driver
Enroute to Segou
River life
Coke Cola delivery truck, Segou
Enroute to Djenne
Gateway to Djenne
Djenne mud Mosque
Djenne Mosque
Djenne Market hat stall
Calabasse bowel stall
Djenne Market
Mopti fishing harbour
Timbuktu ferries, Nigerriver, Mopti
Fishermen, Niger river, Mopti
Radiator repair, Mopti
Doorway to Dogon country
Place of circumcision, Songo
Dogon lady and child, Songo
Upside down tree, Djiguibombo
Climbing the Falaise de Bandiagara escarpment
Kat, Omar and Toni, Teli
Dogon village
Toni, Omar and me in the togu-na...note no ones arguing
Monkey skulls and hides
Dogon hunter
Piste along Falaise de Bandiagara enroute to Burkina Faso
David hitching a ride





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