biggest flag in the world!
tyre repair and bushcamp
bushcamp outside Wadi Rum
Wadi Rum
steep sand dunes
Mr B. in action
desert flower
bushcamp Wadi Rum
Lawrence of Arabia
moon rising
another Potje on the camp fire
room with a view
en route to Petra
the Siq
first glimpse of the Treasuary
the Treasuary
local lady
beautiful colours
sweet kids
kids admiring Bensoni
Jordan Valley
hot springs
fly swatting
counting the dead
saline Dead Sea
The Dead Sea
look, floating!
washing day
Jerash Hippodrome
The Oval Plaza
Temple of Artemist
Colonnade Street
lunch break
looking across to occupied territory, Israel?
Um Queis & Sea of Galilee
sun set Um Queis, over Golan Heights





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