New country, new flat tyre
Just in case we needed advise, the local school kids hung about
Who you calling big ears? Mole Reserve
They look cute, but don't mess with these guys! Mole Reserve
Sweet, Mole Reserve
Ok, we'll be off then, Mole Reserve
This is what you come to see, Mole Reserve
Waiting for the ferry across the Black Volta
Onbard the ferry with the guys and gals on their way to market
Bushcamp after the black volta crossing
Kumasi market
Kumasi market sellers
You want to knwo where all that fake Gucci and Fendi comes from?????
Island off of Busua beach
Fishermen off of Busua
Locals kids at play
View from Princes Town castle
The fortecades
Mark goes for a ride at Ko-sa
Cape Coast castle

View from Elmina Fort

Kakum National Park
Akasombo on way to Wli
Wli waterfall as seen from Waterfall lodge
Climbing to the waterfalls
The amphitheatre of Wli
What a vista.
OK, we're lost!!!
We made it!!!!!!
On the raod to the Togo border.





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