Nubian House, Adam Home
Stella anyone?
Felucca Trip, on Nile, with Stella
Old Monastery, Aswan
David of Arabia?
Dude of Arabia
So could we have driven?
Camel road trip
Abu Simbel Temple, light show
inside Abu Simbel Tempel
Abu Simbel by day
Drink driving
another Felucca trip with Captain Abdul
local taxi
Karnak Temple
Valley of the Kings
inside tomb RamsesII
Shit, are we on the right road?!
...obviously not!
perfect bushcamp
self portrait
Dakhla Oasis, Western Desert
old cemetary ...
complete with old bodies
White Desert
stunning formations
giant chess pieces?
Egyptian Museum, Cairo
Khan el Khalili Bazar, Cairo
We made it!!!
El Giza Pyramids
The real Sphinx
cheap imitation
sunset over the Suez Canal
where is the stick?
Sinai beach camp
never too early for the officials...
St. Katherines Monastery
road to Dahab





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