Gettingit wrong on the road in Cameroun
Start of the ring road
A hazard of driving in the jungles of Cameroun
Ring road to Lake Nyos
Ring road to Lake Nyos
Cow jam
View from Lake Nyos
View from Lake Nyos
Day 2 of the ring
Day 2 of the ring
Day 3 of the ring
Day 2 of the ring
Lunch on Mount cameroun
Mark, Kat and I at the 1982 eruption
Lunar landscape ontop of the hill
Mann Springs and relief
Rain forest decsent
The start of the rain forest and little Mt Cameroun in the distance
Mark fighting his way down
Kat enjoying a break
Me in the forst
Arty shot by Kat
Now that's a big leaf to turn over...
Juluis and the crew celebrating success
The end of the 1998 lava flow
Limbe beach resort
Black volcanic beaches
Rubber from the tree tapping
Rubber plantation





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