Botswana 2


Sunset outside Central Kalahari
Grasses of teh Kalahari
Kat and her new friend
Letting out pressure, South Kalahari
Ah, peace and quiet
Typical track through North Kalahari
Kat waterproofing the tent, Piper Pan
Me at the hairdresser
Dung Beatle
Deception Pan
Someone was here before us
Gemsbok with young
Black back Jackal
More grass
This one bit the dust
Bull Springbok
Bushcamp at Leopard before the storm
Horses drinking on the road
On the way to Nxai pan
These guys were well pissed with us
On the pan at Baines Baobab
Baines Baobab
Kat at the Baobab
Arty view of tne Baobabs
Looking from camp to the Baobabs
Kat on a hot pan roof
Baines Baobab bushcamp
Storm clouds approaching
Cool photo
It does rain here.........
Rain falling on the horizon
Beautiful Mum Cheetah
So cool
Bat eared fox
Checking the way enroute to Chobe
Now DuKs turn
Chobe South entrance
Ever get that sinking feeling?
Tortoise crossing
The end of the Southern Africa loop
Sunset over the Chobe river





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