The Piste from the border at Luvo to Mbango Congo
High street N'zeto
The one and only bar in N'zeto
N'zeto harbour
N'zeto beach camp
Angolan sunset
Lobito to Luanda
Beachbar Luanda where we camped and partied
Beach camp Luanda
Village outside Luanda
What is left of the road toward Lobito
Sunset bushcamp on road to Lobito
Good piste
Shot up army barracks
Bad piste
Lobito beach
Beach camp Lobito
Lobito sunset
Mark being chatted up
The potholes can swallow a biker
and snap a DuK shock
Village next to bushcamp on road to Lubango
Boulder on way from Lubango to Tunda Vala
Tunda Vala
Tunda Vala
Sunset over Tunda Vala
Piste to Ruacana, still Angola
Another Baobab
Piste to Ruacana
End of the day before camp
Our final bushcamp in Angola
David meets the Dima
Helping the locals with a flat on their 4 bull power Ford Trailer
Rucana dam
Crossing to the Angolan/ Namibian border





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